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Samsung announces 7 new cell phones through FCC


Samsung has announced seven new cell phones, through the FCC. We hope that they will be officially announced soon. We don’t know very much about them, but it is surely known that all of them will come equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

The Samsung i770 will feature EDGE support for data, WiFi for quicker data transfers, and an FM transmitter.

The Samsung S3030 will come with GPRS for data transfers, and Bluetooth. Well, this is all we know for now.

Samsung SGH-A777 and SGH-A867 will come with EDGE support, as well as dual-band UMTS (850/1900MHz). Probably these devices will be available for AT&T’s network.

Samsung will also have two CDMA cell phones: the SPH-A310 and SCH-R310. It seems that they will be quite similar, featuring CDMA support, and of course the already known built-in Bluetooth. These two are expected to show up on Sprint or Verizon.

The last one is the SGH-T459, which comes with EDGE for data, and the Bluetooth connectivity.

We will be back with more information and pictures when these Samsung devices are officially announced. 😉