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Samsung i780 “BizBee” business smartphone


A new business smartphone was launched by Samsung, the i780 “BizBee” and it is exclusevly designed for those who are always busy, from professional point of view.

The business smartphone comes equipped with suitable and useful features, like connectivity, E-Mail, applications, a QWERTY keyboard and increased business productivity. The i780 device is the first one among the “BizBee” collection that was introduced in Europe.

Features and specifications: messaging device; GPS; WiFi; a 2 megapixel camera; a 2.6-inch touchscreen; optical trackpad; microSD card slot; E-Mail; QWERTY keyboard; powered by Windows Mobile 6.0.

It is sure that the devices, including the i780 and those that will follow, that belong to the “BizBee” rage will offer easy communication and best performance for busy people. 😉