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Samsung i900 Omnia: review


The Samsung i900 Omnia is one of those touchscreen phones that one must try, as it has a good hardware and a large nice screen, and it is also able to compete with iPhone devices. The phone also comes with Windows Mobile.

Main features and specifications: candybar form, with full Touchscreen; QWERTY keyboard; HSPDA 7.2 Mbps network; Quad-band EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi data; size of 112 X 56 X 12.5 mm, and a weight of 122g; a display of 3.2” TFT WQVGA (240 X 400); a memory of 16GB/8GB with an SDHC expansion slot that supports an additional 16GB; 1440mAH battery; Windows Mobile 6.1 professional; Push E-Mail; GPS; FM radio; tv-output; business card recognition; easy sharing capabilities; and a 5 megapixel camera.

Samsung i900 Omnia’s main advantages: landscape mode and landscape QWERTY; optically-enhanced action button; accelerometers; a very good 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, auto-focus and face detection; also a secondary cam for video calls; GPS; the large and sensitive screen.

Samsung i900 Omnia’s main disadvantages: Windows Mobile may be a little inaccessible for some users; reception problems in some areas; it has no built-in stylus sheath; the volume rocker is placed exactly near the camera button; proprietary headphone jack.

All in all, Samsung i900 Omnia is a nice and good casual device, made for the real world; some might even consider it perfect and hot. 😉