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Samsung working on 350 PPI AMOLED trumping Apple’s Retina


The display of Samsung Galaxy S3 hovers just over the 300+ PPI (pixel per inch) mark. Steve Jobs stated that is enough for people to not be able to distinguish the individual pixels. “Retina displays” with only 264 PPI for the new iPad, and only 220 PPI for the new Macbook Pro were later released by Apple, which claimed that the difference in viewing distance compensates for the smaller pixel density.

Samsung’s most recent plan is though to manufacture displays that are a lot sharper than the iPhone’s Retina.  The advancements in the Fine Metal Mask production technique and use of Super AMOLED technology instead of IPS LCD, the 350 PPI idea is going to be easily handled. More, since these displays are planned to be used on both phones and tablets, it is quite possible to finally  see that long-rumored 2560×1600 tablet from Samsung, with the also long-rumored Exynos 5250 chip.

Despite all, at 10 inches that resolution would still only be about 300 PPI, so, as a consequence, there are two main possibilities for Samsung, to use a higher resolution for 10-inch tablets, or to release an 8-inch tablet. On the other hand, it is quite possible that this rumor is about the next Galaxy Note 2, which is supposed to have a 5.5? display with a 1650×1050 resolution. That would be just over 350 PPI, or 355 to be exact.