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Seton Hall and Nokia Lumia 900


Seton Hall University, based in South Orange, New Jersey, is completely revamping their computing experience and taking it all-mobile with the Nokia Lumia 900 as the mobile part of the new offering. It is widely known that all incoming freshman coming into Seton Hall this fall semester will receive Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones.  Important aspect to highlight is that the University is launching SHUmobile, a multi-pronged approach to advance communications at the Catholic university.

In collaboration with Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft, Seton Hall officials are giving a pre-release version of Windows 8 to incoming freshman, along with Nokia Lumia 900s and Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Services. This is quite amazing and I am sure that every single student would at least dream to have such facilities assured by his/her University. What is more, as a part of the SHUmobile program, all Seton Hall freshman and juniors will be upgraded to either a tablet or ultrabook running Windows 8 and all undergrads will be using Office 365. One will definitely want to enter this Univeristy.

David Middleton, Seton’s Executive Director at the Center for Mobile Research & Innovation, told Conversations:

“The Nokia Lumia 900 is a critical component of the SHUmobile ecosystem. The native extension of cloud services such as SkyDrive and Microsoft Office, specifically OneNote, allow our students to collaborate on content creation anywhere, at any time.

“Tying together personal and professional uses, the Lumia 900 extends to students mew communication channels and opportunities for engagement with their peers and academic, administrative and social resources and services that otherwise might be limited to more traditional computing environments.”