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The Sharp GX29 mobile phone is a compact and frivolous clamshell phone. The external display is exceedingly small, however, there is an exceptional display on the top half as well as a serviceable keypad beneath. The camera is just VGA (0.3 mega pixels), but it provides a video recording option.
You can enjoy 40-voice polyphonic and level-headed ring tones, but unlike many mobile phones in this class it does not provide MP3 ring tones. There is, however, a ring tone editor so you can generate your own. There’s also a versatile voice recorder, but no hands free.
Other specs for the GX29 include: full Blue tooth support, in addition a USB connection for exchanging data by means of a PC. However, one of the major letdowns is the miniature amount of memory, only 2.1 Mbytes of user memory, making it one of the least attractive in its class.
Sharp GX29
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