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Sharp LCD Makes the World Look Thinner


These are the times when gadgets enter lightly in your pockets and slim cell phones are never a shocker for the eyes. There are plenty of things to come, however, as Sharp has recently developed the thinnest LCD for mobile devices on the market, featuring a 2.2-inch screen and being a mere 0.68 mm thick. What will this do to the entire industry of mobile phones is just about to be seen as handsets will get smaller, thinner and most likely easier to carry. You’ll have to stop for a minute and think about these effects and their implications.
I mean, is really smaller, better? We guess that the truth lies in the eye of the beholder, as a lighter device that offers a better view of things can’t be the worst thing technology has come up with. So, sit back and enjoy the revolution as Sharp’s LCD will give you the chance to a primetime look of things.
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