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Sharp LCDs for Mobile Devices


Today, Sharp have announced the developement of advanced LCD panels that provide sharper moving images on portable devices such as mobile phones, pitting it against organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. The new LCD features the industry’s highest contrast ratio of 2,000:1*1, a wide viewing angle of 176 degrees that is top class in the industry, and a high-speed response time of 8 ms. Sharp developed a new LCD for mobile equipment offering the industry’s highest*1 contrast ratio, a wide viewing angle, and image quality nearly as high as that of LCD TVs. The new LCD allows users to see clearer, more colorful images than can be seen on conventional mobile equipment. Sharp’s LCD will feature: 2.2-inches screen size, 240 x 320 px (QVGA), Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal view – 176 degrees and would be fit to mobile phones, digital cameras as well as other mobile equipment.
Sharp LCDs for Mobile Devices
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