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Sonim and Land Rover


You already know the Sonim XP3 Enduro device….a tough and resistant phone. Now, Sonim is going to cooperate with Land Rover and they are going to make some really rugged mobile phones. The first models of this project will be available next year.

The first two devices will be the Land Rover S1 and Land Rover S2 G4; they should be available by the mid of 2009. A third device will be available later that year. The two companies plan to expand their phones in more than 40 countries.

All the Land Rover devices will be interesting, as they are going to be resistant to salt, fog, humidity, transport and thermal shock, and to a 1.6-meter drop as well. Features and other details are unknown for now, but in the next months we will probably hear more about these future devices. Stay with us. 😉