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Sony Ericsson C905 comes with ‘NearMe’ application


Sony Ericsson has just announced that the C905 device will be available with the ‘NearMe’ application. But the application will be also available for the C702, and W760 devices (to download).

The ‘NearMe’ is an application that gives information on all kind of things, like events, amenities, etc, and it is based on the device’s GPS. It includes content like cinema, club and gig listings; recommended venues for eating and drinking; business search listings and fully optimized Multimap mapping, and full addresses and phone numbers are included. It sound like a really interesting application, that also comes with a good device.

Speaking of C905, here are the most important features and specifications: Wayfinder Navigator; a 8.1 megapixel camera with Cyber-shot; face detection; a-GPS; blog; media player; smart contrast; BestPic; DLNA support; video call; E-Mail; 3G, and HSDPA.