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Sony Xperia GX Japanese Launch Delayed


It is widely known that Sony is preparing a charge against the S3 and the One X. Even so, despite the fact that Sony’s future flagships look really special in theory, the releasing delays might be quite harmful for their practical chances of making a difference.

According to official information, Sony is expected to start taking pre-orders for the Xperia GX on August 2, and ship the phone a full week later, on the 9th. Consequently, the initial plans are going to be neglected. Some say that a day or two mean nothing, but in fact, it is common knowledge that in such a domain a delay will definitely affect the business and cause negative effects and recommendations.

What is more, the delay is expected to have a serious impact on the global Hayabusa release, a phone that is thought to come with the exactly same spec sheet as the Asian version. Also known as the LT29i, this itself was initially rumored as coming in July, but could now be pushed back to September, which is definitely a huge disadvantage. It is also rumoured that other Sony’s releases might be delayed from September to Octomber or even more.