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Star6 iPhone music app


Yes, you’ve guessed correctly…we have another iPhone app for you! 🙂 This one is called Star6 and it’s a music app. Agile Partners and musician Jason Forrest have become partners in order to create a mobile application that makes any music lover an electronic musician. The Star6 app is the first fully featured and performance-grade sample instrument app that’s available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

With this fun, dynamic and powerful tool, users and music fans can experiment as many sounds as they want, an professional musicians or DJs can also make out of this app a new tool for them.

Features: the granular synthesis audio engine makes the sound manipulated, and then reassembled, which gives wonderful results; six sample pads; seven built-in sample packs, each with six samples; accelerometer-based sound control, for audio processing control; dual audio modes: Sync Mode and Grain Mode; BPM/Tempo; real-time process display; session-based Sample Management; BPM Indicator, with flashes; and of course Play, Pause, Reset, Reverse, and Save.

I don’t know about you, but I find this app awesome, and if you are a music lover, the Star6 is a must for your entertainment. Star6 iPhone app is available at the AppStore, for $6.99.