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Nimbuzz for Android

More and more apps and services are available for Android-based devices; the latest is the Nimbuzz app. Nimbuzz is a social messaging networking app for iPhone, Windows Mobile and S60, and now it is also available for the Android market. The app comes with Skype, Facebook, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

Urban Kite app

Another cool app for Android devices is now available: the Urban Kite, which allows users to add comments on different topics, locations and other points of interest. Basically, the Urban Kite is a new way of sharing and discovering favorite places, through Twitter. With this new app you can immediately find all the restaurants, pubs […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

UberTwitter Beta 4 news

UberTwitter has just updated their app to the Beta 4 version. This comes with some fresh updates and features, but probably the most important is the lack of the ads. Users complained a lot about the ads, so now they can enjoy the app without them. The app comes with other features as well, so […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

Telmap Navigator for O2 customers

O2 has just made an agreement with Telmap, because they want Telmap’s navigation and mapping services, available for their customers. The app will be available for almost all the GPS-enabled devices and O2 will constantly provide support for their customers. Telmap’s Navigator is known for its mapping and GPS navigation which features in-car 3D maps, […]

Xda Zest, for O2