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Sharp SH6010C and SH1810C

Sharp has just introduced two new clamshell devices: the SH6010C and the SH1810C. The SH6010C is a slim phone that comes in a stainless steel body, and the SH1810C is a high-end 8 megapixel device, with CCD sensor, 6-axis accelerometer and WVGA display. The Sharp SH1810C is a flip device that comes equipped with an […]

T-Mobile Sidekick 2008

Sonim and Land Rover

You already know the Sonim XP3 Enduro device….a tough and resistant phone. Now, Sonim is going to cooperate with Land Rover and they are going to make some really rugged mobile phones. The first models of this project will be available next year. The first two devices will be the Land Rover S1 and Land […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

Samsung E1110 and E2510-soon!

Samsung has just announced that it is going to launch, soon, two low-end devices: the Samsung E1110 and Samsung E2510. The Samsung E1110 (right, in the picture) is a low-end phone, coming in candybar shape, and equipped with very simple features: a 128×128 pixels screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1.5 MB of internal memory. The Samsung […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Holiday Line-Up announced by T-Mobile

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced the latest line-up of new devices,launched especially for the holiday season. Among these new devices we can mention two Samsung handsets: the Behold and Gravity. Samsung Behold is a touch-based device, that comes with full-QWERTY on-screen keyboard, with haptic feedback; a 5 megapixel camera, with flash that can capture video; with quad-band […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

KDDI Fall Winter collection

Here we are, again, with more new devices form Japan. Today, you’ll find news about KDDI’s new collection of phones. The first two devices are the Hitachi Wooo W63H and Casio Exilim W63CA, both of them being equipped wtih 3.1-inch OLED screens. The Casio Exilim also comes with an 8.1 megapixel camera. Next, we have […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

New Nokia Supernova Phones

On June, 27, at Espoo, Finland, Nokia unveiled four new Supernova products. The new devices, Nokia 7610, 7510 and 7310 Supernova give consumers the opportunity to personalize their look by matching the style of the phone to their moods. These phones come with Xpress-On covers, having striking colors and glamorous surfaces. Nokia 7610 Supernova features […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?