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Touchscreen Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is one of the most expected devices among the N-series. It is so because the touchscreen device will be the first high-end phone running on the latest version of Symbian S60 OS. The 3.5-inch touchscreen display and the full QWERTY keyboard will definitely be present among the features of this phone. Features […]

What Is New In Android Jelly Bean?

VEVA S60 luxury phone

Not a long time ago, Qiao Xing Mobile announced the release of the great luxury device, VEVA S60; a phone that actually had a great success. The device was released in May 2008 and during the second quarter of the year, the company has sold almost 100,000 handsets. But they are planning to sell about […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010