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Samsung Comeback SGH-T559

The Samsung Comeback SGH-T559 is a messaging handset, brought to you by T-Mobile, that comes with a flip design, dual displays, and both a keypad and a QWERTY keyboard. Even if the phone looks quite bulky and has a strange look, don’t get fooled….it comes with very good call quality and also with good features […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Samsung SDK Widget

Samsung is known for offering TouchWiz widgets, but now they are coming with a big one, the new SDK widget. SDK stands for Software Development Kit, or more exactly, a collection of tools that helps users develop software. In order to attract SDK adopters, Samsung decided for a big party; the Samsung Widget Developer Camp […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Samsung M7600 Beat DJ:review

The Samsung M7600 Beat DJ is a touchscreen media gadget, that comes with an inspired and unmistakable design and style. As its name says it, the phone is designed especially for music lovers and comes equipped with features like an AMOLED display, high-speed data, GPS, enhanced video playback, BeatDJ app for scratching and sampling, and […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

EISA 2009 awards

EISA, the European Imaging and Sound Association, has just announced its 2009-2010 awards and winners. We are happy to inform you about the five important categories and, of course, the five big winners. The European Camera Phone award went to the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD mobile phone. EISA considered that the 8 megapixel camera, the […]

Modu 2 comes to UK in 2010

Samsung S5230 Star: review

Released in May 2009, Samsung’s S5230 Star is truly deserving its name, as it is a very appreciated device, good-looking, with good and useful features and Samsung has already sold a lot of Star handsets. The Star, which is also known as Tocco Lite, comes with features like a 3 megapixel camera, DNSe, TouchWiz, and […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Samsung S9110 wristwatch

Announced in July 2009 and probably already available, the Samsung S9110 is the newest device brought by Samsung…but it’s not just a regular mobile phone, it is a wristwatch phone and it is considered quite impressive and stylish. Being a special device, it’s not coming equipped with so many high tech features. The S9110 comes […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Samsung Mondi SWD-M100

Released in July 2009, the Samsung Mondi SWD-M100 is a quite generous handset, with a nice design, coming equipped with Windows Mobile, a large touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and a 3 megapixel camera, and it was especially created for WiMax markets. Even if it has a nice design, some consider the Mondi quite […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen

Samsung S7550 Blue Earth spotted

Another eco-friendly mobile device was spotted: the Samsung S7550 Blue Earth. We don’t have too much information about it, but at least some pictures confirm this new device. The new mobile phone will come with a solar panel on its back, as well as an energy-efficient charger; this charger is for those days when there’s […]

Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ screen