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The “Post It on a Wall” Phone Concept


While living in a high-tech working society, it seems like we rarely stop to appreciate the wonders of the simple things and one man has decided that even an effortless concept regarding phones could become a shocker. Priestman Goode has come up recently with a rather plain idea that could actually work – the “post a phone” technology should work on recycled cardboard or plastic, incorporated within an A5 envelope that represents the support of the brilliant device.
The author speaks for his invention and does it wisely: “In a time when mobile phones are seen as throwaway fashion items, this design provides a low tech alternative with simple, no fuss delivery. Fancy details and function are not what this phone is about but there is a desirability in its simplicity and I hope that this is a phone you would want to keep for some time.” It is your turn, however, to decide if simplicity is enough for you.
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