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The Avant Garde Skeleton luxury phone


Gresso is already known for making luxury devices, such as the AvantGarde Gold, Steel and White Diamonds. Now, they come with another expensive device, the AvantGarde Skeleton. This phone is made of special and expensive materials…so its price can be explained….4,000 Euro. 😀

Features and specifications: a GSM 900/1800/1900 device; runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 OS; a QVGA screen; Bluetooth connectivity; 2GB of built-in flash memory; a 2 megapixel camera; Wap; GPRS, but no 3G; video and audio playing capability and support for MIDI, WMA, AVI, ASF and WMV formats; personal organizer functions. Well, these features are quite poor for that price; but the aesthetic features are more important here.

The phone comes with a great design and form factor,and its case is made of titanium alloy with high-tech ceramic coverage. The back panel comes with a sapphire glass, decorated with the Gresso logo with 10 micro gold. The keys are made of aircraft steel, the battery cover of stainless steel decorated with genuine leather, and the display screen has polished sapphire crystal glass. Wow, quite a difference between the technical specs and these ones…

The Avant Garde Skeleton will be available only in 15 pieces…so we are talking about a special limited edition. You already know the price, you’ll just have to wait for the exact availability. 😉