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The Cold is no Obstacle for Tomb Rider: Anniversary


It’s been a while since Lara Croft has captured the attention of any man willing to adventurously make the heroine face death time and time again and there is an event prepared by Eidos in order to point the magical moment out – Tomb Rider: Anniversary is coming in mobile format. You’ll be able to cheat death in celebration motion and still make it out alive and kicking. We should expect 15 levels of action and four different game modes. Naturally, it will feature cool 3D graphics and animation on headsets that should put the cherry on the top.
It is in fact a rather creamy package for all Tomb Rider fans to enjoy during the dull times and if you’re not included in that category, than you can always add it to Santa’s Christmas list – someone must like it out there. In any case, it’s a win-win situation and there are no reasons for complaint as Lara Croft will make the drop in December.
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