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The Stone of Destiny for iPhone and iPod Touch


The well known mobile game, The Stone of Destiny, will be now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, here are some details. The Stone of Destiny is a very exciting and interesting game, having a detective plot. The starting point is that your uncle disappears, and you have to solve this mystery with the help of a map, a book, and some objects. You also have to travel in different corners of the world, find clues, write magical runes, etc. The games has 27 levels, during which you adventure in forests, tombs, seas, pyramids, etc. Sometimes you may get stuck, but you can use hints.

This games is special for several reasons, like the fact that it comes with a great interactive graphics, a mixture of comic book style, and mysterious scenes.

The Stone of Destiny game for iPhone and iPod Touch comes with the feature of zooming the picture, so you can see any object in detail. The game is already available in Apple AppStore.