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Unborn Child Shield from EMR with MummyWrap


Although there are no certainties when it comes to the radiation emissive devices that surround us, MummyWrap has come up with an idea in order to protect future babies at least from the harm produced by mobile phones. The shield represents in fact a garment that prevents electro-magnetic radiation from causing brain development abnormalities. Developed by Neil Bullock, the MummyWrap is a “sleeveless, loose-fitting garment for pregnant women made from a light-weight copper-based cotton fabric known as Swiss Shield,” and is supposed to “minimize the risk of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR)”.
It seems like the Faraday Cage principle is its main motor and will give the future mommy EMR rejection powers in order to protect her sibling. Some moms may find MummyWrap quite pleasant to wear, being created according to present fashion trends, but we’re not sure if fashion garments are still the best weapons to keep our future generations safe.
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