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Urban Kite app


Another cool app for Android devices is now available: the Urban Kite, which allows users to add comments on different topics, locations and other points of interest. Basically, the Urban Kite is a new way of sharing and discovering favorite places, through Twitter.

With this new app you can immediately find all the restaurants, pubs or other places you are interested in, as well as people’s opinions about them. You can take part in different conversations, talk about your favorite place, find new places, etc. Twitter helps you send Tweets about the places you love, as well as keep a record of the places. Its your decision how to use it: for discovering places, for recommending places or just to have conversations.

The Urban Kite app uses Google Local public API, Twitter’s public API, and bit.ly’s public API. It is available in countries like USA, UK, OZ (in general English-speaking countries) and it is made for Android devices (like HTC Dream, Magic or Hero); the iPhone and iPod Touch versions will be available later.

The Urban Kite app is at the beginning; more will be added if it will be appreciated and enjoyed by users. The app is available online.