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Vertu climbing the Market with Ascent Ti


Although used to flashing before our eyes untouchable, quite resistible, high maintenance cell phone models, Vertu producers have decided they finally needed one member of the family to be accessible and desirable by most of us and thus Ascent Ti was born. It may be a low investment to the ones accustomed with the Vertu standards, but it was about time they stuck one head out of the exclusive club corner and released one model that could join the crowd.
You got that right! Vertu Acent Ti is in fact a budget phone, costing only $6,628 in the US and believe it or not, its quality proves to be a sum well spent. Now, we don’t mean to criticize too harshly Vertu’s principle of “if you want the best, pay up”, but a positive change once in a while wouldn’t hurt and the Ascent Ti seems to be a comfortable plaster.
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