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VEVA S60 luxury phone


Not a long time ago, Qiao Xing Mobile announced the release of the great luxury device, VEVA S60; a phone that actually had a great success.

The device was released in May 2008 and during the second quarter of the year, the company has sold almost 100,000 handsets. But they are planning to sell about 300,000 in the third quarter of the year. And they probably will succeed because VEVA S60 was created in cooperation with Swarovski, as each device is decorated with 129 Swarovski crystal mosaic and 18K gold. And such a ‘piece of jewelry’ costs about $290. The main features of VEVA S60 are: crystal; couple choice; ultra long standby; 9.4 mm thin; Bluetooth connectivity; and handwriting.

And this is not all; they are also offering one-stop solution and VIP services for the VEVA customers. I think VEVA S60 is an interesting device, even if it doesn’t come equipped with a lot of features. So, if you are a fan of luxury and Swarovski crystals, this phone might be ideal for you. 😉