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According to Statcounter, the Windows Phone summit has ended up boosting Windows Phone growth. The graph plots the month to month growth of the Windows Phone installed base in the EU, hitting a new peak of 24% growth to 1.68% of the market in EU in July.  The next largest peak is in February, when the Nokia Lumia 800 saw wide release in Northern Europe.  Of course the most likely reason for this month’s boost was the release of the Nokia Lumia 610 and 900, indicating that the low-end/high end route combo was a good strategy. In Germany Windows Phone installed base grew 27% in July, and in France 29%, while UK saw 18% month on month growth.

In the USA, where the Lumia 900 was released in April, yet July was also the biggest growth month there, with the Windows Phone installed base growing 19%. The next highest growth month was in May, when it grew 15%. Of course the Lumia 900 did see a further price drop to $50 there, which could have driven additional sales.