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Xperia Without Keyboard


Unfortunately there are bad news the fans of Sony Ericsson Xperia pro or Xperia mini pro since there are not going to be any updates to these models any time soon in 2012/2013. According to Sony Mobile, there are no plans regarding the release of a Sony Xperia mobile with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The news came from John Cooper, UK Product Manager for Sony Mobile. The announcement was practically made official on Facebook.

The justification was quite simple, the market prefers large touch screens over keyboards. More precisely, “The market seems to prefer large touch screens to keyboards at the moment so unfortunately we don’t have any current plans to release an Xperia with a keyboard.”

In fact, the statement did not come as a surprise at all. There has been a lack of physical QWERTY Android devices from all manufacturers. Sony is not expected to build devices that only appeal to a small part of buyers.