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Zoom In with Brando Generic Mobile Phone Telescope


If you’re not pleased with your phone’s photographic abilities, then Brando has an option for you that would make all your jpg nightmares disappear. All you have to do is say hello to the Generic Mobile Phone Telescope accompanied by a flexible adapter which will improve your vision by adding a 7×18 device to your handset. You are long gone in fantasy land if you believe that this monster will fit all phone models, but in case you own a device which measures 91 to 109 mm in length, you have the ok to proceed in acquiring the Brando wonder. You’ll be more than happy to know that the package that includes the telescope, a neckstrap and the adapter costs about $22 and is waiting for you to score the bargain.
Also, as extra information, handsets like Nokia N95, HTC P4350, ASUS P535, Sony Ericsson K810i and W810i have already gone through the fitting test and finished it admirably, so you should have no problem in sticking this marvel alongside your cell phone.
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